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Greetings! Welcome to my gallery. I have been an anime fan for over 20 years and got into cel collecting through my friend many moons ago. He has a gallery on this site too, so if you get a chance stop by KahmCelWorld and pay his site a visit.

I have to admit that I enjoy cel collecting, but I only dabble in it because it gets very expensive (as I'm sure you're all aware) and I find it hard to find cels on some of those classic anime shows that I love (now I know where they all went! ^_^)

Please enjoy my gallery and stop by frequently as I will be slowly updating this site, as I find the time. Enjoy!

News & Updates

8/5/2008This is the first entry I've done in ages. I've been busy and under the weather, so it's been longer than I hoped since I could get back to do some updates. But I did get to add a few new cels to the gallery. More to come so stay tuned!
7/11/2008This is the first time I've had a chance to get on the site in a while. Just got back a few days a go from AX and the slugfest. It was great meeting everybody at the get together!
5/9/2008It's been a while saince I've been able to work on the site. I just added a few new cels to the gallery from Hokuto no Ken, Saint Seiya and Street Fighter.
4/10/2008My Youth In Cel City now open.

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Title Last Updated
らんま1/2 Ranma 1/2 (1) 8/5/2008
ジェッターマルス Jetter Mars (1) 8/5/2008
ストリートファイターZERO Street Fighter Zero AKA Street Fighter Alpha (2) 5/9/2008
バーチャファイターVirtua Fighter (1) 4/10/2008
マシンロボ クロノスの大逆襲 Machine Robo: revenge of Chronos (1) 4/16/2008
メガゾーン23 Megazone 23 AKA Robotech the movie (1) 4/28/2008
勇者ライディーン Yuusha (Brave) Raideen (1) 4/11/2008
北斗の拳 Hokuto No Ken AKA Fist Of The North Star (7) 5/9/2008
太陽の牙ダグラム Taiyo no Kiba (Fang Of The Sun) Dougram (1) 4/11/2008
宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1) 8/5/2008
巨神ゴーグ Kyojin Gorg AKA Giant Gorg (1) 4/16/2008
幻魔大戦 Genma Taisen AKA Harmagedon (1) 4/14/2008
強殖装甲ガイバー Bio-Booster Armor Guyver (1) 4/14/2008
戦国魔神ゴーショーグン Sengoku Majin GoShogun AKA Macron 1 (1) 4/20/2008
新・キューティーハニー Cutey Honey OVA (1) 4/14/2008
未来少年コナン Mirai Shonen Conan AKA Future Boy Conan (1) 4/12/2008
機甲創世記モスピーダ Kiko Soseiki Mospeada AKA Robotech: New Generation (2) 4/20/2008
機甲界ガリアン KiKou Kai Galient AKA Panzer World Galient (1) 4/12/2008
無敵超人サンボット3Zanbot 3 (1) 8/5/2008
聖闘士星矢 Saint Seiya (2) 5/9/2008
超時空世紀オーガス AKA Super Dimensional Century Orguss (1) 4/28/2008
超時空騎団サザンクロス Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross AKA Robotech Masters (1) 4/28/2008
SF西遊記スタージンガーSF Saiyuki Starzinger AKA Spaceketeers (2) 4/20/2008
Fan Cels (2) 4/20/2008

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